Case study - Ermeo.

Tech Stack:

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Case: How we helped Ermeo to build an offline-first cross platform mobile application.

Industry: SAAS

Platform: Android, IOS, Desktop, Web

Ermeo offers a SaaS solution that helps plan, manage, optimize industrial equipment maintenance operations.The product is aimed to replace the use of paper during maintenance rounds and operations on site with an end-to-end digitized process.

Having to maintain thousands of physical assets on field by paper and legacy tools for documenting interventions is a tedious, annoying and highly impractical process for revenue-generating businesses. Furthermore, not having unified, end-to-end assets overview and maintenance schedules, guarantees to cause delay in fixing incidents and confusion in case of unavoidable delays.

In their ambition to create a offline-first mobile application for assets and intervention management, ERMEO partnered with Labs42. Labs42 assembled a dedicated team with an Agile setup. Using their expertise, Labs42 implemented a cross-platform solution that is used on iOS, Android and Windows devices. Having to provide offline features, Labs42 conducted the analysis phase to implement the offline sync algorithm and ensured its optimal implementation. At the same time Labs42 provided various automated end-to-end tests to simulate real-life scenarios as close as possible and ensure high quality and stability of the delivered solution.