Case Study - GoTenerife.

Tech Stack:

React Native

Case: How we helped GoTenerife to build a local application for tourists to get the best deals on Tenerife.

Industry: TRAVEL

Platform: Ios/Android, Web

After a successful launch of several digital products in Europe, founders of GoTenerife relocated to Tenerife. Facing difficulties to explore the entire island as a local, they started a digital product aimed to bring the best offers and tickets to destinations with instant booking for travelers in Tenerife.


Knowing that most products pivot on their way to the market, we mapped out the customer experience, planned two short releases, then hit the ground running.

The initial release needed to do two things: be a production-ready application that could be used to acquire local customers, list their tours and tickets, and be a compelling experience to attract tourists. Luckily, the product lead and design team are ruthless prioritizer.

We rapidly pieced together some initial branding, visual language and began building out the feature set. In addition to building the first version of core platform features, we also implemented a split testing framework using a low-level integration with A/B user testing software.

After the initial 6-week release, a second 4-week pivot and polish phase firmed up the product and helped identify the next business components to address. After months of hard work, including tons of new features and a new brand and visual design by the design team, the platform officially launched with a 300 locals and hundreds of offers.