Case Study - Wiremo.

Tech Stack:


Case: How we helped Wiremo to build an end-to-end customer reviews solution for ecommerce platforms.


Platform: Web

Wiremo is a SaaS customer review platform that collects reviews in a unified platform and integrates with various eCommerce services.

According to Spiegel Research Centre (2017) 95% of shoppers read reviews before making a purchase. The impact of customer reviews for any online shop is enormous in strengthening the credibility. Labs42 were fed up with a startup idea and tackled the entire process, from building a strong relationship with customer, to providing a solution that would integrated in all major eCommerce platforms. Building a user oriented interaction and providing a first class experience are the key focus of Wiremo.

Labs42 conducted various analysis and design phases and offered a dedicated team that implemented and maintained the entire platform. Taking into account the scale of online marketplace, through various analysis sessions, Labs42 built a solution ready to face millions of requests per day and provide high availability of all the services. Using the industry research in the field of natural language processing and integrating with existing AI services from Google, Wiremo was able to provide innovative solutions that help shop owners fully automate their review process and ensure they are building a solid online reputation.